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Just my world of dreams, music and thoughts. Author of two books, one a novel of Love stories set in Framingham, Mass, Secrets of the Heart the 2nd book an autobiography of growing up in Framingham, Mass. Small Town America, Framingham My generation was the first teenage generation, that was when the word was coined. Ours was the generation that started cruising through town and to the drive in theater and drive in restaurant. In our area, Ernie Kampersal,from Holliston, drove his bucking car through town, picking up girls. It rose in the air, like a stallion! We went to the soda shops and played the juke boxes. It was a different town, a different time, and it belonged to us!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

American Patrol

Just seemed like it was the right thing to play after the last one...what do you think

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